Mac App Store Purchases (as of 2020/03/23)

Apps marked with [dead] are no longer publicly available, although they are still available on the Purchased tab of the Mac App Store. ID numbers are given in case you want to use mas.

1440 Minutes Left Today (1483764819) by Krzysztof Zbudniewek

1Blocker for Safari (1107421413) by Salavat Khanov

1Password 7 - Password Manager (1333542190) by AgileBits Inc.

@home (954592389) by Beat Rupp

Ad Blocker - Blocks Ads, Scripts, Trackers & Annoyances (1139742578) by FIPLAB Ltd [dead]

AdBlock for Safari (1402042596) by Betafish Inc

Address Book Extractor (426603808) by groovyTree Software

Agenda. (1287445660) by Momenta B.V.

Alarm Clock Pro (405739388) by Koingo Software, Inc.

Alpha Omega (1053559774) by BorderLeap

AlphaMail: Read and Send Mail from the Menu Bar (SMTP and IMAP) (1017113563) by zeng chunying

Amphetamine (937984704) by William Gustafson

And Yet It Moves (404553869) by Broken Rules

Annotate - Capture and Share (918207447) by Linebreak

App Factory (556464792) by Immersive Applications

Apple Remote Desktop (409907375) by Apple

Apptivate (412442297) by Tim Andersson [dead]

Audiobook Binder (413969927) by Olena Kozlova

AudioSwitcher (561712678) by Paul O'Neill

Authy Bluetooth (668841348) by Authy Inc. [dead]

Aware (1082170746) by Joshua Peek

Backdrop (411461952) by Apps From Outer Space, LLC

Backtrack - Record Past Audio (1477089520) by Yac Media Inc.

Balthisar Tidy for Work (899115421) by James Derry

Bandwidth+ (490461369) by Harold Chu

Banner Hunter (1151217174) by Jakub Suder

Battery Monitor: Health, Info (836505650) by Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.

Battery Overview (1281672693) by Andreas Fertig

Bear (1091189122) by Shiny Frog Ltd.

Better Blocker (1121192229) by

BetterSnapTool (417375580) by folivora.AI GmbH

Black Ink - Crossword App (402376365) by Red Sweater Software [dead]

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test (425264550) by Blackmagic Design Inc

Blue Planet (418903397) by Ole Begemann

Bluetooth Proximity Tasker (525925062) by Chris Vallis

Bookle (496158508) by Stairways Software [dead]

Booklet (1375737884) by Andrii Gubanov

BookReader (448943039) by Leo Mesentsev

Boom2:Volume Boost & Equalizer (948176063) by Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd

BreakTime (427475982) by Excited Pixel

Brightness Slider (456624497) by ACT Productions

Brightness Widget (424164948) by Gist LLC

Browser Fairy (483014855) by venqoo GmbH

Bumpr (1166066070) by Scott Ostler

BusyCal 2 (567245998) by Busy Apps FZE [dead]

Byword (420212497) by Metaclassy, Lda.

Calendar 366 II (1265895169) by Vincent Miethe

Calendar Cleaner (411372497) by Aston Shaheen

Canary Mail (1236045954) by Mailr Tech LLP

Captured (414675451) by Christopher Sexton

CARROT Weather (993487541) by Grailr LLC

CheatSheet (529456740) by Stefan Fuerst [dead]

Chopper 2 (406237844) by Majic Jungle Software [dead]

Chronicle - Bill Management (402355593) by LittleFin LLC [dead]

Cinch (412529613) by Irradiated Software

Clipitto: Fast files sharing (681654619) by Apps Dev Team s.r.o.

Clock mini (867539680) by Kai Luo

CloudApp - Screen Recorder (417602904) by Linebreak

Cobook (525225808) by FullContact Inc. [dead]

Coda 2 (499340368) by Panic, Inc. [dead]

CodeBox (412536790) by Vadim Shpakovski

CodeRunner (433335799) by Nikolai Krill [dead]

Colors for Hue (581915465) by Furiki Designs

ColorStrokes (459413843) by MacPhun LLC [dead]

Commander One PRO - FTP client (1035237815) by Electronic Team, Inc.

Compression (405535705) by Little White Bear Studios, LLC [dead]

Contacts Cleaner (411369012) by Aston Shaheen

Contacts Sync for Google Gmail (451691288) by Playa Apps

Copy'em Paste (Clipboard Mgr.) (876540291) by Hoi Chang

Core Tunnel – SSH Tunnel 2 (1354318707) by Codinn Technologies

Corrupt JPEG Checker (635753975) by Thomas Barker

CoverSutra (404128139) by Sophia Teutschler [dead]

CPU LED (448189857) by Raul Ignacio Verano

Cursor Pro (1447043133) by IXEAU UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

Dark Reader for Safari (1438243180) by Alexander Shutau

Day One (1055511498) by Bloom Built Inc

Day One Classic (422304217) by Bloom Built Inc [dead]

Deliveries (924726344) by Junecloud LLC

Denied (909257784) by Boy van Amstel

Desk PM: A Writing, Blogging, and Notetaking App (915839505) by yo gg llc [dead]

DeskConnect (642220194) by Apple [dead]

Desktop Curtain (414088151) by Many Tricks

DesktopLyrics (518820958) by CoreCode Limited

DesktopMonitor (432948323) by Buick Wong

Disk Space (603688030) by Abacus Industries Inc. [dead]

Display Menu (549083868) by Milch im Gemüsefach

Divvy - Window Manager (413857545) by Mizage, LLC

Downcast (668429425) by Jamawkinaw Enterprises LLC

Draft Control (644346785) by Draft Control

Drafts (1435957248) by Agile Tortoise

Drive Mounter free (471070931) by Voros Innovation [dead]

DriveSlim (474616644) by PROSOFT Engineering, Inc. [dead]

DropCopy (403411542) by 10base-t Interactive

DropCopy Pro (404165409) by 10base-t Interactive

DropDownloadURL (438727247) by Limit Point Software

DropKey (511169782) by WellRedApps [dead]

Droplr (498672703) by Droplr

Dropzone (464733615) by Aptonic Limited [dead]

Dropzone 3 (695406827) by Aptonic Limited

Due — Reminders, Countdown Timers (524373870) by Due Apps LLP

Duplicate File Cleaner - Find and Delete Your Duplicates (964690635) by Pocket Bits LLC

EasyFind (411673888) by DEVONtechnologies, LLC

Echofon Lite for Twitter (403858460) by Ubermedia, Inc.

EjectBar - Quick Disk Unmount (1495357828) by Benjamin Mayo

EnvironTemp (808471986) by Dannel Albert

Essentials (419079365) by habitatus [dead]

EventScripts (525319418) by David Blishen

Evernote (406056744) by Evernote

Exporter for Contacts (402323447) by Stefan Keller

EZSwitch (456100738) by MirageApps

FGDesktopLoupe (412488063) by Softech di Germinara Francesco

File Rename Pro (473527788) by Silvia Carril Caldelas

File Viewer (495987613) by Sharpened Productions

FileBot (905384638) by Point Planck Limited

FindSpace - Disk Usage in Tree Form (443823264) by John Holdsworth [dead]

FiveLive (489642442) by Cross Forward Consulting, LLC [dead]

FiveNotes (1231597027) by Apptorium

FlashFrozen (413876424) by Tyler Loch

Flycut (Clipboard manager) (442160987) by General Arcade (Pte. Ltd.)

Folders Factory (442153412) by George Lyakhov

FoldingText (540003654) by Hog Bay Software [dead]

ForkLift - File Manager and FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Amazon S3 client (412448059) by BinaryNights

Fotor Photo Editor (503039729) by Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd

FreeSpace (457520846) by Luma Fung

FreeSpace Tab (478867587) by Rocky Sand Studio Ltd. [dead]

Fresh (406351403) by Ironic Software, Ltd.

Front and Center (1493996622) by Hypercritical LLC

FruitJuice - Battery Health (671736912) by The Battery Project, LLC

FSNotes (1277179284) by Oleksandr Glushchenko

FuzzyTime (950297057) by Marcus Olovsson

GAget - for Google Analytics (968487158) by Zoltan Hosszu

GarageBand (682658836) by Apple

GarageBand 6.0.5 (408980954) by Apple [dead]

GeekTool (456877552) by [dead]

Gemini 2: The Duplicate Finder (1090488118) by MacPaw Inc.

Gemini: The Duplicate Finder (463541543) by MacPaw Inc. [dead]

Ghostery Lite (1436953057) by Ghostery, Inc.

GIF Brewery (435989461) by Hello, Resolven [dead]

GIF Brewery 3 by Gfycat (1081413713) by GfyCat, Inc.

GIF Keyboard (1043270657) by Tenor

GIFQuickMaker (411431426) by Studio Shin

Gitbox (403388357) by Oleg Andreev

Go2Shell (445770608) by Alice Dev Team

Grid (472979032) by DEVONtechnologies, LLC [dead]

Growl (467939042) by The Growl Project, LLC

Hard G (1493198738) by Innoveghtive Inc.

HEIC Converter (1294126402) by Sindre Sorhus

Home Control (1275939333) by David Castaldo

Home Inventory (413564952) by Binary Formations, LLC

Honey for Safari (1472777122) by Honey

Hourly News (579454852) by Urban Apps

How Long Left (1388832966) by Ryan Kontos

Howler Pro (434985132) by

HP Easy Scan (967004861) by HP Inc.

I Love Stars (402642760) by Karelia Software LLC [dead]

iA Writer (775737590) by Information Architects GmbH

iA Writer Classic (Legacy Support Edition) (439623248) by Information Architects Inc. [dead]

iBooks Author (490152466) by Apple

Icon Slate (439697913) by Jeremy Marchand

iConvert Icons (515197296) by Ridgedale Ventures Inc

iFlicks (408937559) by Jendrik Bertram

iFlicks 2 (731062389) by Jendrik Bertram

Image Text OCR Photo Scanner (1495787023) by Pranoy Chowdhury

iMovie (408981434) by Apple

iNet Network Scanner (403304796) by BananaGlue GmbH

Inpaint (415492014) by Maxim Gapchenko [dead]

InstaLogin for Safari (1203374370) by Pedro Jose Pereira Vieito

Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos (482262245) by ThinkTime Creations LLC [dead]

Instapaper Save (1481302432) by Instapaper Holdings, Inc.

Interact Contact Scratchpad (1199660222) by Agile Tortoise [dead]

IP Scanner (404167149) by 10base-t Interactive

IPAddressSentinel (440146745) by Limit Point Software

iPhoto (408981381) by Apple [dead]

iPulse (1028916583) by The Iconfactory

iStat View (1148868081) by Bjango Pty Ltd [dead]

iTeleport: VNC & RDP (489094439) by Screen, Inc. [dead]

iThoughtsX (mindmap) (720669838) by toketaWare

iVI (402279089) by South Pole Software

iZoom (427516242) by Celestial Teapot Software

Jayson (1468691718) by Simon B. Støvring

JellyfiSSH (416399476) by MWorks

Jettison (447430809) by St. Clair Software [dead]

Just Focus (1142151959) by Zhe Yan

Justnotes (511230166) by Matthias Hochgatterer [dead]

Keep Everything (786983884) by groosoft

Keep It (1272768911) by Steve Harris

Key Codes (414568915) by Many Tricks

Keynote (409183694) by Apple

Keypad (928906884) by Multieducator Inc

Kiwi (404217182) by YourHead Software [dead]

Kiwi for Gmail (986304488) by Zive, Inc.

LaunchD Task Scheduler (620249105) by Thomas Barker

LaunchOnTime (438035800) by Limit Point Software [dead]

Leafnote (879371601) by Nevercenter Ltd. Co.

Leap (406510909) by Ironic Software, Ltd.

Lightweight PDF (1450640351) by Enough Pepper Lda.

LimeChat (414030210) by Satoshi Nakagawa

Lingon (411211026) by Peter Borg Apps AB [dead]

Lingon 3 (450201424) by Peter Borg Apps AB

Liquid (legacy) (511633083) by The Liquid Information Company Limited [dead]

Location Helper (488536386) by David Blishen

Mach Clock (418983284) by Mach Software Design

MachineProfile (530194517) by Micromat, Inc.

macOS Server (883878097) by Apple

MacPilot (Lite) (415973444) by Koingo Software, Inc.

Markdown Linker for Safari (1289119450) by Sohichiroh Horimi

Markdown Pro (465965038) by RADSense Software

Marked (448925439) by Brett Terpstra [dead]

Marked 2 - Markdown Preview (890031187) by Brett Terpstra

McSolitaire (405728848) by Pcv [dead]

Memory Diag (748212890) by Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.

Menubar Calendar (1314445497) by Ruchira Ramesh

MenuMate (518594271) by Alice Dev Team

MenuPop (404747434) by Binary Bakery [dead]

MenuTabPro for Google Calendar (799180132) by Fangcheng Yin

Microsoft Excel (462058435) by Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft OneNote (784801555) by Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Outlook (985367838) by Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft PowerPoint (462062816) by Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 (1295203466) by Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 (715768417) by Microsoft Corporation [dead]

Microsoft Word (462054704) by Microsoft Corporation

Mindful Mynah (503981565) by 42burnside LLC

Mindfulness Bell Menu Bar (1144260305) by Raika Technologies, Llc

MindNode Lite (402397683) by IdeasOnCanvas GmbH [dead]

Minim for Safari (1406044470) by SweetP Productions, Inc.

MiniUsage (416285394) by sekn

Monosnap - screenshot editor (540348655) by Farminers Limited

Moom (419330170) by Many Tricks

Mouseposé (405904955) by Boinx Software [dead]

MultiMarkdown Composer 2 (593294811) by MultiMarkdown Software, LLC [dead]

MultiMarkdown Composer 4 (1275176220) by MultiMarkdown Software, LLC

Napkin - Image Annotation and Markup (581789185) by Aged & Distilled, LLC [dead]

New File Menu (1064959555) by

Newton - Supercharged emailing (1059655371) by CloudMagic, Inc.

Next Meeting (1017470484) by Nathan Spindel

Notability (736189492) by Ginger Labs

Novabench (411466132) by Novawave Inc. [dead]

Numbers (409203825) by Apple

OmmWriter (412347921) by Herraiz Soto & Co.

OneDrive (823766827) by Microsoft Corporation

Online (981430153) by Inspiring-Life Technologies Private Limited

Opera (404764921) by Opera Software AS [dead]

OS X El Capitan (1018109117) by Apple [dead]

OS X Lion (444303913) by Apple [dead]

OS X Mavericks (675248567) by Apple [dead]

OS X Mountain Lion (537386512) by Apple [dead]

OS X Yosemite (915041082) by Apple [dead]

Pace (918925707) by Dovenote Software

Pages (409201541) by Apple

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 (1303222628) by Hindsight Labs LLC

Parallels Transporter (430590795) by Parallels International GmbH

Paste - Clipboard Manager (967805235) by Dmitry Obukhov

Pastebot (1179623856) by Tapbots

Patterns - The Regex App (429449079) by Nikolai Krill

PCalc (403504866) by TLA Systems Ltd.

PDF Paper Renamer (591593578) by Wan Lutfi Wan Md Hatta

PDFCombo (1030461463) by One Kerato

PDFpenPro 6 (609313570) by SmileOnMyMac, LLC [dead]

Peppermint - The tweakable, Click'n'Run Code Editor & IDE for your Mac (928939225) by

PhotoBulk: watermark in batch (537211143) by Eltima LLC

PhotoPresenter 4 (403983051) by Boinx Software [dead]

PhotoSweeper (463362050) by Ivan Prymak

PingBar (432088983) by Lucky Software

Pixelmator (407963104) by Pixelmator Team

Pixelmator Pro (1289583905) by Pixelmator Team

Plants vs. Zombies (410406848) by PopCap [dead]

Podcast Chapters (1070963477) by Fredrik Björeman

PopClip (445189367) by Pilotmoon Software

PopDo (1493198199) by Sebastian Benitez

PriceWatcher for Amazon (438371054) by ThinkTime Creations LLC [dead]

Proxie (897814548) by Chi Wang

PullRequestMenu (919797974) by Quipsoteric, LLC.

Purger King (450742765) by Tida Inc.

Push To Talk (547067197) by Chatsworth and Whitton Limited [dead]

Quick Note (414848186) by Diigo Inc.

Quick Resizer (498486288) by Midwestern Mac, LLC

QuickCal (416581096) by SmellyPuppy

QuickSleep (1121441756) by Jonathan Wukitsch

Quiet (421759530) by WireLoad, LLC [dead]

Quiver - take better notes (866773894) by HappenApps, Inc.

Radiant (416062079) by David Peroutka for Safari (957810159) by Rustem Mussabekov

ReadKit (588726889) by Webin

Reeder (439845554) by Silvio Rizzi [dead]

Reeder 3 (880001334) by Silvio Rizzi [dead]

Reeder 4 (1449412482) by Silvio Rizzi

RememberOn (410370780) by Peter Borg Apps AB [dead]

Rest (661067914) by Dino Angelov

Revisions for Dropbox (819348619) by Bayesbits

Ringer - Ringtone Maker (402437824) by Pixel Research Labs, Inc.

Roofs (1449570266) by Arie van Boxel

Samurai vs Zombies Defense (543342490) by Glu Games Inc

Sandkorn (1377973524) by Peter Borg Apps AB

ScreenFlow (422025166) by Telestream LLC [dead]

Screenie - Screenshot Manager (965442961) by ThnkDev LLC

Screens VNC - Remote Access To Your Computer (446107677) by Edovia Inc. [dead]

ScreenSharingMenulet (578078659) by Stefan Klieme

Screeny (440991524) by Daeo Corp. Software

Seasonality Core (412771173) by Gaucho Software, LLC.

ServerAccess (1469079631) by adnX SARL

Shazam (897118787) by Shazam Entertainment Ltd.

Shush - Microphone Manager (496437906) by Mizage, LLC

Simplenote (692867256) by Automattic

SimplePastie (402351865) by Grasscove LLC

Simplier (467077932) by Chongyu Zhu [dead]

Singlemizer: The Duplicate Finder (410263119) by Konstantin Pavlikhin

SiteSucker (442168834) by Rick Cranisky

Slack (803453959) by Slack Technologies, Inc.

Smart Converter (447513724) by ShedWorx

Snippets (411455419) by Conceited Software [dead]

Socialite (413026679) by Apparent Software Inc. [dead]

Soulver 2 (413965349) by Acqualia

Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure (959797548) by Big Bucket Software

Spacie (445413014) by ThinkTime Creations LLC

Spark - Email App by Readdle (1176895641) by Readdle Inc.

Spect (1409975750) by Steven Frank

Speedtest by Ookla (1153157709) by Ookla

SSH Config Editor (1109319285) by Petr Hejkal

SSH Proxy (597790822) by Codinn Technologies

SSH Tunnel Manager (424470626) by [dead]

StopTheMadness (1376402589) by Jeff Johnson

StreamToMe (405892506) by Matthew Gallagher [dead]

SubnetCalc (412946682) by Julien Mulot

SubShifter (1457012736) by iSolid apps

Super PhotoCut (966457795) by XiuXia Yang

Sync Folders Pro (522706442) by Vadim Zybin

SyncSettings (1438001736) by Jeremy Vizzini

Table Tool (1122008420) by Jakob Egger

Tag (506232966) by Feisty Dog, LLC

Take Five (424437399) by The Iconfactory

TaskAgent - Simple Lists With Dropbox Sync (591667886) by Francisco Cantu [dead]

TaskPaper (424281111) by Hog Bay Software [dead]

Teeny Tokyo: A Small Yet Powerful Image & Photo Resizing App (1035350363) by yo gg llc [dead]

Textastic (572491815) by Alexander Blach

Textual (403012667) by Codeux Software, LLC [dead]

Textual 6 (896450579) by Codeux Software, LLC [dead]

The Archive Browser (510232205) by MacPaw Labs [dead]

The Incident (408679233) by Big Bucket Software

The Social Address Book (436180510) by Christian Beer [dead]

The Unarchiver (425424353) by MacPaw Inc.

Things 3 (904280696) by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Time Sink (404363161) by Many Tricks

Timey 2: a menu bar timer (480798149) by Jędrzej Gronek

Timey 3: menu bar timer (1421143542) by Jędrzej Gronek

Timing Automatic Time Tracker (431511738) by Thomas Osthege und Daniel Alm [dead]

TODO Menubar (1383155669) by Jason Safaiyeh

ToothFairy (1191449274) by C-Command Software, LLC

Toothpicks (998361254) by William Gustafson

Tot (1491071483) by The Iconfactory

ToyViewer (414298354) by Takeshi Ogihara

TrackSift (435371243) by Doug Adams [dead]

Transloader (572281534) by Matthias Gansrigler

Transmit (403388562) by Panic, Inc. [dead]

Triode - Internet Radio (1450027401) by The Iconfactory

Tumblr (929285034) by Tumblr, Inc. [dead]

Tweetbot 2 for Twitter (557168941) by Tapbots [dead]

Twitter (1482454543) by Twitter, Inc.

Twitter (409789998) by Twitter, Inc. [dead]

Twitterrific for Twitter (414957465) by The Iconfactory [dead]

Type2Phone: Bluetooth Keyboard (472717129) by Houdah Software [dead]

Typeeto: remote BT keyboard (970502923) by Eltima

Typist (415166115) by Takeshi Ogihara

Ulysses (1225570693) by Ulysses GmbH & Co. KG

Ulysses Legacy (402427877) by Ulysses GmbH & Co. KG [dead]

Ulysses – The Ultimate Writing App (623795237) by Ulysses GmbH & Co. KG [dead]

Unclutter (577085396) by Eugene Krupnov

Unix Timestamp Converter (1419945839) by ClickSend

Unixtime (429237016) by Bearologics UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) [dead]

Up Next (1355117041) by Ellen Li

UpHabit - Manage your contacts (1495261277) by UpHabit

Valletta : Markdown Editor (504794951) by Valletta Ventures [dead]

vCard Editor (855935660) by Goldbug Software

Vimeo - Video Management (1356686763) by Vimeo, LLC

Voila: Screen Recorder and Screen Capture Tool (407741870) by Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd [dead]

VPN Unlimited - WiFi Proxy (727593140) by KeepSolid Inc.

WeatherMan (412688800) by AfterTen Software

WebDAVNav Server (747482894) by Schimera Pty Ltd

WhatSize (413702125) by Id-Design Inc.

WiFi Signal: Status Monitor (525912054) by Adrian Granados

Wiki Offline — A Wikipedia Experience (412286226) by Avocado Hills, Inc.

Wikibot — A Wikipedia Articles Reader (442608583) by Avocado Hills, Inc.

Wimoweh (610341008) by Paul O'Neill

WindowFlow (414445104) by Most Advantageous [dead]

Witch (412485838) by Many Tricks [dead]

WordCrasher (405987262) by Wonderful Lasers

World Clock Pro (858446756) by Alex Komarov Inc.

WriteRoom (417967324) by Hog Bay Software

XChat Azure (447521961) by YunWon Jeong

Xcode (497799835) by Apple

xScope 4 (889428659) by The Iconfactory

Yep (406504852) by Ironic Software, Ltd.

Yoink - Improved Drag and Drop (457622435) by Matthias Gansrigler

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